YES Initiative

“YES” stands for Youth Ecology and Sustainability and that´s exactly what our new primary initiative is all about. We are going directly to the root of our environmental problems, which are intrinsically social, by placing the necessary tools in the hands of youth, the future leaders of, and participants in, society.  An innovative program working together with the secondary school of La Manzanilla offering its students practical and optional environmental education utilizing the most effective pedagogy: learning by doing. The majority of activity takes place in the Tierralegre Agroecological Center in La Manzanilla.

Here the students learn innovative techniques which have a direct benefit and application such as bio-intensive gardening, composting systems, application of the 3 Rs (recycle, reduce and re-use), bamboo construction and the natural history of the surrounding ecosystem.

Follow our blog covering our pioneer program with the secondary school in La Manzanilla, Jalisco.


La Manzanilla School Garden Gallery